Trilingual website launched for the patient association Iktic-Jetique in Belgium!

Wonderful news for the patient association Iktic-Jetique in Belgium! New trilingual website!

With financial help from the Wallonie familles santéhandicap and AVIQ it has been possible to create a beautiful and informativewebsite in three languages to serve the people of Belgium. We are proud tolaunch this website www.iktic.be for peoplewanting to find out more information about tics and tic disorders like TouretteSyndrome. With the same prevalence as autism at 1% Tourette Syndrome is farmore common than you would imagine.

We look forward to supplying current information about ticsand Tourette Syndrome, events, news and hope to create a network of contacts inBelgium to help those affected by Tourette Syndrome, their families, schoolsand employers.

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