ID cards

Launching identity card program!

Our exciting news is that we have launched an identity card program for people with tics and Tourette in Belgium - in all languages!

Why an ID card?

Living with uncontrollable tics and facing the gaze and lack of understanding of those around you can sometimes be challenging and difficult to explain. An identity card (already used in other countries) could be an effective tool to enable its holder to communicate easily and effectively about their condition. It can help show proof of their diagnosis should they need to and provides reassurance when in public places or certain situations.

You will find all the necessary information along with instructions on how to apply for an ID card, in the three tabs below, available currently in Dutch, French and English.



Different options available:

1 card
2 cards
1 pack of 25 information cards
2 ID cards + 1 pack of 25 information cards
Payment options

We will soon be able to process online payments. For now, thank you for making a deposit or transfer to
Iktic Tourette Association Belgium VZW
IBAN: BE13 0018 1262 3539

How to submit your application

I. Via post. Download the form below, fill all the necessary information and send it to Dr Seonaid Anderson, 11 Rue Du Sawheux, Villers Sainte Gertrude 6941 Belgique

II. Online. Complete our online form below.

💡Before submitting the form remember that you will need to upload a digital copy of a passport-sized photograph and a written confirmation (scanned or original) of your TS diagnosis.


Within ~15 days upon payment.

Contact us if you need more information!