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Welcome to the website for Iktic-Jetique, an ASBL in Belgium which supports people with tics and Tourette Syndrome.
We provide support and information as well as events for people touched by TS. We also provide information and training for everyone – teachers, healthcare professionals, employers!

healthcare professionals

Launching identity card scheme!

Identity cards

Our exciting news is that we are launching an identity card scheme for people with tics and Tourette in Belgium - in all languages!

You will find all the necessary information along with instructions on how  to apply for an ID card, in the three tabs below, available currently in Dutch, French and English.

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*Application forms will be available online very soon!
You can meanwhile send us directly an email here .

Pour la journée de sensibilisation du 7 juin!

"J’ai le syndrome Gilles de la Tourette. Merci de votre compréhension"

Les porteurs du syndrome Gilles de la Tourette auront bientôt une carte, signalant la maladie neurologique dont ils souffrent

More coming up soon! (very soon)

Thank you for your patience as we ‘build-out’ this multi-lingual website for Iktic-Jetique.
We are excited to launch this platform for all patients across Belgium and more pages and information will appear to help and support those seeking information about tics and Tourette Syndrome.