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How we Tic: Lotte's Tourette's Story

Peter Dekens - Tics

We live in a time when society is changing rapidly. Many are capable of responding flexibly to these changes, but others are less resilient and adaptable. They struggle with various forms of stress as a result. In people who have Tourette’s syndrome, for example, social anxiety and pressure to perform may result in significant distress and intensify their tics. Watch this short video from Peter Dekens https://peterdekens.com/tics

A documentary by Gilles De Sloovere

A documentary about the influence of Gilles de la Tourette on myself and on the life of others. What impact does this have on our daily live? How do we deal with it? What is the reaction of outsiders?

Dare to ask: Tourette edition

Tourette Syndrome: The First Step is Learning About The Condition

The challenges faced as a result of having Tourette Syndrome (TS) and Tic Disorders can have a tremendous toll on the individual. In this video, Davide has TS and is showcasing what it's like to be misunderstood due to a lack of understanding of the condition.

Raising awareness of Tourette syndrome to improve inclusion

(Video in French) The spot was dubbed into major European languages ​​and broadcast by the global Tourette Syndrome Associations. The AIST Onlus website: https://fr.tourette-aist.com/

Gilles de la Tourette: what is this syndrome?

(Video in FR) "It starts today” presented Tourette Syndrome in this episode aired on October 16, 2018. Very enriching thanks to the interventions of three families and Dr Andreas Hartmann.

Iktic Tourette Association Belgium-Common Misconceptions at Tourette

Gilles de la Tourette's Syndrome-Thesis by Vicky Houck

Iktic Tourette Association Belgium-When do you speak about Tourette

So You Think you Can Tic?!

This video is made to raise more awareness about Tourette Syndrome (June 7 is European Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day!). Because Tourette is more than you think.

Mirek - Tourette de Pologne

Discover Mirek, suffering from a severe form of TS. He tells us about his sufferings; when he was young he was misunderstood. But also how he knew how to transform the disease to be happy today, through high level sport (Mirek runs 60 km marathons), trips that are out of the ordinary and above all Love.

Wiktor, 11 years old- SGT in Poland

Wiktor is an 11-year old child from Poland. In this video he describes his SGT in a simple and non-stereotypical way.

Treatment of tics and Tourette Syndrome with CBT

The Health Journal presents a young patient followed at the Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. She describes her evolution and the progress made through behavioral and cognitive therapy.